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Dry Fruit & Veg

There is a multitude of uses for dried produce. Dried fruits make delicious and wholesome snacks, ideal for packed lunches, and are an excellent addition to breakfast cereals without re-hydration. They can be used in cakes, pies, fruit salads and anywhere where fresh fruit is used. Dried vegetables can be used in place of fresh produce, substituting your own stored produce for frozen or imported varieties. Dried herbs and edible flower petals can be used for herbal teas, or bespoke herb mixtures, or added to sea salt crystals with herb seeds and snippets of dried onion or garlic for an aromatic seasoning.

How to dry fruit & vegetables

Drying is the oldest known method of preserving food. Flavour and aroma are concentrated as

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Make drying easy by using the purpose built Fruit & Vegetable Drier with thermostat and

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