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Pruning the Neglected Orchard 4rd March 2018 10.00am - 3.30 pm This course will cover all aspects of how to restore a neglected orchard to its former glory. The cost is £12 for members of Orchard Link and £15 for non-members. Please note the date is subject to change. Participants will be notified of the location of the course (in south Devon) nearer the date. Please book via their website or email

Your New Orchard - Planning and Planting with Tim Potter - Saturday 10th March 2018. Nr Landkey. Please book via their website

Top working is where one grafts new varieties onto an established tree. It enables one to produce a multi-variety tree, or to change the variety if the host tree's apples are not wanted or liked. It can also rejuvenate an old tree. You will be shown the theory, and have a chance to practise on suitable branches. If you have saved scions (budwood) in the fridge since February, they may be alright to top work onto your own tree. (To keep the scions well hydrated, it can help to dip the cut end in grafting wax to seal it; they also need to be wrapped well in thick plastic to preserve moisture.) We will also look at grafts on trees at the site, made over the last few years. Please book via their website

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