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This season's must have!

The Mehu-Liisa steamer is this season’s “just must have” equipment for the keen kitchen gardener. It's a multi-functional Finnish-made, three-tiered set of pans used to extract pure juice and make cordials from a host of homegrown and hedgerow fruits and to steam vegetables. The base pan can be used independently as a jam, jelly and pickle making pan. Made from top quality stainless steel the Mehu Liisa steamer has a large fruit or vegetable basket, a juice collection container with outlet tube & clip and a heavy-based preserving/water pan.

Extracting Juice by Steaming Extracting juice by steaming is easy and quick. You don’t need to strip fruit from stalks or de-stone it. It’s ideal for home-grown currants and berries whose flavour is enhanced by cooking; for damsons, plums and sloes and hard fruits like quinces & crab apples.

Delicious Homemade Cordials Homemade cordials surpass the flavour of any commercial products; they are simple and inexpensive, you just layer your fruit with sugar according to a recipe (these are supplied), steam to extract the syrup then tap off directly into hot bottles for long term storage.

What else can I make with cordials?

  • Cordials can be made into mouth-watering sorbets and added to ice-creams - see our Scrumptious Blackcurrant Sorbet recipe which will excite the taste buds on a hot summer's day!
  • Add cordial to wine or cider, top up with sparking water and serve with ice to make refreshing summer Spritzers
  • Combine with gelatine to make pure fruit jelly desserts

How else can I use the steamer?

  • Using the base preserving pan extracted juice can be made into pure jellies or combined with other ingredients like herbs and spices to create more exotic combinations of flavours to accompany meat or cheese
  • The pan can also be used for making jams or chutney, for soup making, cooking vegetables or as an oven cook-pot

Highly Recommended Caroline Pakenham, experienced jelly maker and cookery writer has used the all–in-one Mehu-Liisa fruit steamer and praises it in her new book Making Jellied Preserves: 'It’s very efficient and versatile. …..I have been using a muslin and upturned chair to strain juice for jelly for so long that I believed that I couldn’t use anything else but I have to say that I have been experimenting with the Mehu Liisa steamer and found it very quick. I would highly recommend it as a juicer and steamer for all soft and stoned fruit….it is extremely clean, simple and effective. The Mehu-Liisa is distibruted in the UK by Vigo Ltd.'

See our recipe ideas for the steamer.

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